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E-VAN Ministries is an international, faith-based mission organization that is focused on spreading love and hope to the world. Having previously served in Mexico and Costa Rica, we are currently pursuing our calling to Lebanon in the Middle East. E-VAN is a Christian ministry based in the United States.


Our vision is to spread love and hope to all people throughout the world. Our motivation comes from the way that God first loved us.


E-VAN organizes mission trips to other parts of the world. We want to serve the people that we come in contact with. We do this by serving both physical and spiritual needs. We often partner with local churches in the area to spread the love and hope that we have in Christ Jesus.


Our community is a group of people willing to serve other people outside our borders. We believe that God calls us to do this, to spread his message of hope!


Before the Beirut explosion that occurred in August 2020, Tim Meyer felt called to Lebanon. The Meyer Family served in central Mexico for many years under E-VAN Ministries, which was directed by Tim Meyer.

Tim became connected with Pastor Josef Zorob of the Church of God Dora in Beirut, Lebanon. After some conversations with Pastor Zorob, Tim purchased a ticket to fly in to the country. 

This initial trip led to a burning passion to serve the area and the people of Lebanon. 

E-VAN Ministries now looks to build mission teams that will travel into Lebanon and spread hope to those that need it.


Tim Meyer

Director of Missions

Tim and his family have served in Mexico and Costa Rica, and now Lebanon. Tim has years of experience organizing mission trips and collaborating with mission teams.

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